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4,000 Minutes of Video Viewed / Content Interactions
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20,000Minutes of Video Viewed / Content Interactions
50 GB Storage
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75,000 Minutes of Video Viewed / Content Interactions
150 GB Storage
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Monetize your photos and images in minutes. Add DilogR hotspot popups that you can use to add cool facts, add your voice to introduce yourself or your products, link to a shopping cart, or link to DilogR videos, slides, or images. Share across social, mobile, and the web.


Everyone uses slides, and instead of sending a standard presentation where you have to try to choose the right couple of slides, why not send a self-personalizing deck, where your customer can decide the information that’s important to them, and at the same time, they can let you learn more about their needs.


Create personalized interactions with your customers by adding Q&A tailored to the content of the viewer. It’s easy to re-purpose your existing videos, create new ones specifically to deliver a virtual conversation. You can even take Webinars and make them interactive to generate better qualified leads.

  Surveys / Quizes

Not all our projects are visual, sometimes you just want to send out a survey, and we’ve got you covered. With DilogR, you can create surveys, quizzes, polls, and even assessments and distribute them over multiple channels to get quick answers.

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What is a minute of video viewed / Content Interaction?

DilogR Subscription plans are based on the amount of interaction that you get on your content. If you only need a little interaction, you pay less than if you need a lot of interaction.

Because you can do interactive video, slides, images, quizzes, and much more with DilogR the “Unit of Interaction” is slightly different for these different types of content.

For Video, 1 minute of video viewed is 1 unit of interaction.
For slides, 1 view of the slide presentation is 1 unit of interaction.
For quizzes/surveys/polls, 1 completed quiz/survey/poll is 1 unit of interaction.
For interactive images/ads with hotspots, 1 click or hover over of a hotspot is 1 unit of interaction.

So if your subscription allows 20,000 interactions per month, you can spread those out across different types of content.

For example, you may have 15,000 minutes of video content viewed, 2,500 views on your interactive slide presentation, and 2,500 quizzes completed.

What happens if I go over my allowed interactions / minutes?

Don't worry, your slideshows and images will continue to be viewable and videos will continue to play. We'll send you an email in advance if you are on pace to go over. Any extra interactions needed will be charged automatically at a flat rate. Extra interactions (minutes viewed, slideshows viewed, etc.) start at a penny per interaction on the solo plan and are less expensive as you upgrade.

Solo Plan
$10 per additional 1,000 interactions (minutes viewed, slideshow views, etc.)
Professional Plan
$9 Per additional 1,000 interactions
Performance Plan
$8 Per additional 1,000 interactions

Is there a limit on the number of projects I create or videos, images, slides, etc. that I upload?

There is not a specific limit to the number of projects you can create with DilogR or the number of videos, slides, etc. that you can upload to DilogR.

Your subscription has a specific amount of storage space and you can upload as much content as you want and create as many projects as you want up to that storage limit.

If you are approaching your storage limit, we will let you know and invite you to upgrade your subscription.

Is there a long term contract?

If you would like discounted pricing you can sign up for a 1 or 2 year contract. However, pricing on the site is all month to month. If at any time you want to cancel, you can do so. We will miss you.

Do you offer Enterprise plans?

Yes please contact sales@dilogr.com for more information

Do you charge sales tax on your subscription plans?

We are required by law to charge sales tax to our customers in New York and Texas.




"How do you understand exactly what your customers want…? You ask them. In today’s multimedia environment you HAVE to meet your prospects and customers where they are and using DilogR has allowed us to do just that. We’re able to analyze the data in real time to make smart and quick adjustments in how we market as well as support our existing customers. We’ve not only seen an increase in customer satisfaction but it’s added to our bottom line!"

Spencer Tyler
Optimal Wellness Labs


"We were looking for a tool to set up an online quiz that we could use for lead generation. We required something that made it easy to collect answers and issue an instant report to respondents, based on their score. We also needed to generate reports internally based on different answers, scores and segments, making it super easy and efficient to see stats, to gain insights and create sales collateral based on these! We are not only generating leads but also being able to consult with prospects on their answers and results. We are so happy with both the system and the service we receive from the DilogR team, The team has always gone above and beyond to ensure we are happy and getting the results we require. Awesome team and awesome product!"

Lauren Bolton
Power 2 Motivate

predictable-profits "Great tool for both understanding and engaging both prospects and customers. The customer support is EXTRAORDINARY - on several occasions, they have gone above and beyond to make sure my needs were uniquely met. Highly, highly recommend."

Charles Gaudet
Predictable Profits


"DilogR is bringing the best practices of live speaking to the world of webinars and online training. Never before have I seen suchrich audience engagement, interaction and tracking tools in an online webinar and video streaming platform. Info-Marketers and Corporate Trainers, watch out! DilogR gives you the unfair advantage in today's competitive marketplace!"

Jeremy Shapiro


"YOU MUST be using DilogR! Increase your sales by increasing your conversions. Accomplish this 2 ways...use video and segment your list. Send the right message to the right person at the right time!

Why video and why DilogR? Rank better in Google, create trust, build long-term relationships and video sells better on phones and IPad's. DilogR is EASY to use and saves you time = money!

Why DilogR?- while video is playing, ask questions & the responses are submitted into your marketing automation system. Now, further segment your list and send targeted communication based on the answers they provided. You will have better relationships with your list and make more money.

Mike Weiss
Internet Sales Experts

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