Where are you in your transition? 

To get where you want to be, you first need to know where you ARE.

This assessment will tell you which phase of transition you're in, along with FOUR TASKS you can start doing today.

Answer the items based on what's been true for you more often than not in recent days related to the area of your life that you'll identify in just a moment.

Which area of your life would you like to focus on for this quiz? Please select ONE.
I feel stuck or stagnant in this area of life.
My vision for this part of my life is...
If I were to feel stuck or stagnant next year in this area, I can imagine being more calm and curious instead of stressed or worried.
I struggle to answer when people ask questions about this part of my life.
When things aren't going as I hoped or expected...
I'm experiencing low motivation to take action in this area of my life.
My actions are closely aligned with my intentions. (I walk my talk.)
I'm questioning who I am.
When I try to think about steps I could take to move forward, I...
I'm living my vision (in this area of my life).
I feel like I'm moving in slow motion while the rest of the world rushes by.
I'm tuned into my needs and desires in this area.
Fears and worries are holding me back.
Which one BEST describes your current experience in this area of your life?
There are more questions (about this area of my life) than answers.
I trust my inner guidance (in this area of my life).
I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.
When it comes to old patterns and habits that don't serve me...
Select all that apply:
There's an overall sense of ease, with little worry, effort, or struggle.
I feel scattered.
I trust myself to make good decisions in this area of my life.
I pay more attention to what's working than what's NOT working in this area of my life.
I'm dreaming big and exploring possibilities.
I am self-compassionate, even in the face of my struggles and failures.
I fear the unknown (in this area of my life).
It's easy for me to ask for, and receive, help (in this area of my life).
When searching for answers, I tend to look outside myself.
I am aware of the activities, people, and places that connect me to myself AND I access them when needed.
I have effective practices or rituals I can rely on to support myself when I'm ready to take action in this area.
Thank you! Your results will be displayed on the next screen and a copy will be emailed to you as a pdf file.